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Earning The Webelos Badge




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Cub Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.



webelos-badgeWebelos — The Fifth Rank in Cub Scouting

The Webelos badge is the fifth rank in Cub Scouting. A Cub can start on it as soon as he joins a Webelos den, and providing he has completed third grade (or is 10 years old). He can earn the Webelos badge after he has been in the den 3 months. One of the differences between Webelos and younger Cub Scouts is that the Webelos Den Leader signs off the completed activities of a Webelos Scout.

As with all other Cub Scouting ranks, new members of the Webelos Den or patrol must complete the Bobcat requirements before beginning work in the Webelos program.

Webelos Badge Requirements


Webelos_colorsWhen a boy has completed these requirements, and has them signed off by his Webelos Den Leader, he has earned the right to wear the Webelos badge. The badge should be ceremoniously presented as soon as possible at an upcoming Pack meeting. After earning his Webelos badge, a boy can begin working on his Arrow of Light Requirements. Completion of the Forester, Outdoorsman, and Naturalist Activities Badges, and completion of a special conservation project allows a Webelos Scout to join the Wolves and Bears in earning the World Conservation Award. The achievement pins that the boys earn are displayed on the Webelos Colors which is worn on the right sleeve below their den or patrol patch.

Instant Recognition For Webelos Scouts

Earning the Compass Points Emblem


After you have earned the Webelos badge, you can earn the compass points emblem. It is awarded after you earn seven activity badges: four more in addition to the three you earned for the Webelos badge. Wear your compass points emblem attached to the button on the right pocket of your Webelos uniform shirt. After you earn the compass points emblem, you'll receive a metal compass point for each four additional activity badges you earn. Pin these compass points on the emblem in the "E," "W," or "S" positions, in any order you choose. You can earn the emblem and all three compass points by completing 19 Activity badges, including the three required for the Webelos badge.